Writers of Whitstable

Writers Of Whitstable is a friendly writing group, with the serious aim of helping its members become better writers. The group meets on the first Monday of each month at 7.30pm in a Whitstable pub.

Writers distribute the work they’d like to discuss a week before the meeting, and this is read before we get together. This means there is time to form constructive feedback on each project.

This style of group doesn’t suit everyone, as it does require a little reading ‘homework’ before each meeting! We have a mix of members most are working on novels or short stories, but we occasionally have children’s fiction, screenplays and non-fiction to read.

We welcome new members who are willing to give time to helping others improve their work, as well as trying to improve their own. If you have any questions about Writers Of Whitstable or want to come along please email Joanne at writersofwhitstable@gmail.com.


Our new anthology, ‘Saxon Shore’ is out in June 2024. The stories are set in Whitstable and surrounding areas. You’ll find ghosts and vanishings, pianos with minds of their own, characters meeting unreliable versions of themselves, and a host of secret dramas on Whitstable’s streets. The Saxon Shore will be available soon with eBook and print versions at Amazon, while local stockists include Harbour Books, Books in Waiting at Whitstable station, and the Seaside Museum in Herne Bay.

‘A Pinch of Salt’ our third book of short stories is available in local book stores, in ebook and online at Amazon. You might think you know Whitstable but, hiding behind the beach huts, the harbourside and the high street with its boutiques and cafes, there’s more going on than meets the eye. There’s a dish for every taste, with tales of love and lust, hope and heartbreak, of time travellers, dainty dragons, vindictive oysters, reluctant kings and invisible commuters: all seasoned, for added flavour, with a pinch of salt.

‘A Different Kind of Kent‘ is the second collection of short stories published by the Writers of Whitstable (WoW). The group have widened their scope from the town of Whitstable to the county of Kent. What do snails, tigers, purple earrings, shipwrecks and double decker buses have in common? They all feature in this exciting new collection of stories from Writers of Whitstable. All stories are set somewhere in Kent, or have a strong Kent connection. Squeezegut Alley in Whitstable, Deal Cemetery, the woods at Blean and the coast off Margate all have a story to tell.

‘Beyond the Beach Huts’ is WoW’s first anthology. The short stories each have a Whitstable theme and more than a dozen writers have contributed to the book. We hope you enjoy our tales of Whitstable life, which include flying car parks, grotters and sunsets, art show dramas and true stories from Whitstable’s past. There is a lot more to life in this town than pretty beach huts, and we enjoyed creating an alternative view of the town. The book is available from Amazon.